34-02 Linden Place

Flushing, NY 11354

2006 Sang Lee International Tournament 

August 13-20, 2006

All the games from this tournament are available for purchase and VOD download.

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    Match         Info         Price                    Players

CC106-01  Description   $29.95   Semih Sayginer vs Kyung-Roul Kim

CC106-02  Description   $29.95   Dick Jaspers vs Torbjorn Blomdahl

CC106-03  Description   $29.95   Dick Jaspers vs Frederic Caudron

CC106-04  Description   $29.95   Frederic Caudron vs Pedro Piedrabuena

CC106-05  Description   $29.95   Torbjorn Blomdahl vs Peter De Backer

CC106-06  Description   $29.95   Sung Won Choi vs Dick Jaspers

CC106-07  Description   $29.95   Ramon Rodriguez vs Semih Sayginer

CC106-08  Description   $29.95   Torbjorn Blomdahl vs Pedro Piedrabuena

CC106-09  Description   $29.95   Frederic Caudron vs Murat Naci Coklu

CC106-10  Description   $29.95   Torbjorn Blomdahl vs Miguel Torres

CC106-11  Description   $29.95   Dick Jaspers vs Tom Beemsterboer

CC106-12  Description   $29.95   Bert van Manen vs Hugo Patiņo